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Information Management Consulting

Information in all its formats is central to organizational efficiency and decision-making. It is also a cornerstone for open, accountable and transparent government. Improving the information management environment will help organizations manage, access, find and dispose of information more easily. Information management initiatives are rarely straight forward. Issues and priorities will be different from one organisation to the next.

Miranda Welch, from IM Consulting can provide targeted assistance to improve the management of your information and ensure information adds value to your organisation instead of frustration. Miranda is committed to adding value to her clients’ projects, providing quality deliverables throughout an engagement and maintaining an honest relationship with her clients.

Services Offered

If you have completed your Public Records Act (PRA) audit and are now working on your follow-up plan, I would love to work with you to improve your IM maturity, in line with your audit recommendations.

If your PRA audit is still ahead of you, and you are preparing for it, I can work with you to prioritise activities that will improve your organisation’s IM maturity.

An information management strategy will set out a strategic direction to ensure that your information adds value to your organisation. It will help you understand what information you need to create and manage, and set out a roadmap of activities to follow.

Policies and processes will support your strategic direction, and are a critical part of IM best practice. Both of these need to be tailored to the needs and size of your organisation.

There is still a role for taxonomies and classification systems (file plans) within your business, even with Microsoft 365. A well-structured file plan will help staff know where to ‘file’ digital information and how to find it again.

Similarly, good metadata doesn’t just happen, it needs to be planned – in consultation with system users. Metadata will facilitate search, access and compliance with the Public Records Act 2005.